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July 13, 2009


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pick me! so cute!

I tried to comment last night and it didn't work......so I'm doing it again....
Just love the dress! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

oh, wow. what a beautiful dress!!

I thought I posted a comment once hut don't see it. Anywhooo...super cute! I found you through frazzy dazzles who I found throgh cluck cluck sew. I also facebooked your giveaway and hearted you on etsy. Pick meeeeeee! Owlpeople.blogspot.com

Ooooo, it's just THE cutest!
Thanks for having such a great giveaway. Your work is just gorgeous!!!!


I am in love with this dress - it just gorgeous. Please enter me in the draw.


Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous dress! I've blogged about it here - http://missivymay.blogspot.com/2009/07/fantastic-giveaway.html

I don't know why, but it keeps kicking my comments off. Anyways, love the sweet dress! I would LOVE to win. I linked to you

Love this little dress...I will be keeping my fingers crossed!
I linked you from my blog: angelahenrie.blogspot.com

What a sweet little dress. I love your website too. Your style and fabrics are unique and special. Thanks for the chance...I'll be crossing my fingers!
I linked your blog from mine: angelahenrie.blogspot.com

NEato! I just posted on my blog about your giveaway. So sweet and lovely.

Oh, I LOVE your line...I checked out your website and am bummed that you don't have "stockists" in the US. I thing you need to find one so I can buy some sweet little dresses for my little ones. Love. Love. Love.

Beautiful dress.
Blogged: www.rachelandisabelle.blogspot.com

I am a huge fan of Tea Pony and Belle and Boo - I have happily posted about it on my blog here - http://tinyconcept.blogspot.com/2009/07/tea-pony-belle-boo.html

I love this little dress! Thanks for the chance to win! I have posted about your giveaway on my blog.

Seriously, adorable!



pick me pick me picke m! I put a link on my blog but asked that no one enter so I can win (I'm kidding of course)

just lovely, love the red ruffle on the top, very clever of you and how generous!



Love love love! Keeping my fingers crossed but will be buying if I'm not lucky as it is uber-cute. Post is here: http://www.bambinogoodies.co.uk/fabulous-dresses-from-belle-boo/

So adorable! Such creative ideas! Would love this dress for my granddaughter! She would look so cute! I don't have a web site.

Okay, everything in your Etsy shop is absolutely gorgeous. I'm SO super blown-away. Thank you for doing this fabulous giveaway!
I've posted it to my new giveaways blog:


Sigh, sooo lovely! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Here is my blog site where I gladly gave you some props! You are always an inspiration!!! THANKS!

Esa, it' a beautiful work! Here, in Bulgaria, we have a tradition - on first of march we tie each other MARTENITSA - figure or just a strig of white and red knites. It is for health, gladness and luck. The stripe and the belt on this gorgeous dress are just like bulgarian martenitsa. It locks like you and Belle and Bo wish all little girls to be healthy and happy.
I've posted on my blog - http://unicusbulgaria.blogspot.com/


Love your work! Sorry, i don't have a blog but would like so much to win this lovely dress for my little girl. One day, one day i'll start a blog ...... :-)

this dress is just divine...I have posted it on my blog http://liscassey.blogspot.com/
fingers crossed...it is a dress you could wear all year...love it :)

Thanks for the chance, the dress is just beautiful.

posted here:


Please come and enter my giveaway too :)



What a gorgeous dress. My daughter would be the Isobel of the ball in this little number.

I have posted a link to your comp on my blog

PS - just checked out your Etsy store... gorgeous!

Hey Esa!

Fantastic giveaway! I'm so excited to know that there's another Tea Pony/Belle and Boo dress in the world! My daughter looks soo lovely in her Lost dress!

I've posted on my blog www.frazzydazzles.com

Good luck to everyone who joins in the fun!


I've posted it here:


I love your work - my daughter happily wears her Lost dress! And congratulations on another beautiful collaboration!

Love, Susan

Gorgeous dress, love the red frill at the top and of course the belle and boo print.

ooooh i LOVE your blog and ADORE all of your creations..this one is just perfect!! i promise if i win, i will ove it up good and proper : )

i have blogged about you, of course!! Wish me luck x

another great collaboration with belle and boo! i LOVE this dress! oh! how unfair it is that some people get all the talent ! ;) s t u n n i n g

thank you for the giveaway...



Hello, thanks for this giveaway! The dress is beautiful, as is the rest of your work. I blogged here: http://projectdavid.blogspot.com/2009/07/dress-giveaway.html

Hello...happily posted about your fantastic giveaway!

Posted here: of-friends-five.com

Love your work---so pretty!

Karen Torres D'Amico

Damn - I dont have a blog! Wish I did just so i could have a chance at winning this dress it is Divine!!! Love your work!

wow!!!! gorgeous and belle and boo!! extra special!!

What a lovely giveaway Esa :-)

ive popped a link up on my blog good luck to all those who enter!

OOHHHH I hope I win this one!!! I adore this little dress VERY much!!

You can check out my blog post here...

Thanks, Beck

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