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July 27, 2009


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Thankyou for letting me know who made the dress!

Esa Cooper
Tea Pony


thanks for the chance. Beautiful, beautiful little waistcoat.

Bron xo

my goodness so cute! would love to see a boy style to match... love it!

have blogged about it on www.zactom.blogspot.com

if you pop over to fatmumslim i also have a giveaway going on over there. Finishes in 1.5hrs!



sooo cute! love it! i just linked! :) i hope i win...


The waistcoat is killer! Tea Pony blog officially on the Bondville blogroll :) http://blog.stephbond.com.

Good luck finding the perfect wedding dress for you - such an exciting experience to go through; best wishes!

VERY CUTE! just added you to my list of INSPIRATIONS!


Another giveaway! Yippee! Your stuff is truly adorable.
I added it to my "blogs I like" button (I even created a little image for you :). I wanted your blog header, but couldn't find a way to copy it. If you'd like a different image for your name/blog, please let me know!
Here's the link to my blogroll:

That is an adorable waistcoat - would love to win! I added your fabulous blog to my blogroll. Very excited to come back and visit. Good luck with wedding dress shopping!!

I hope that you will be able to find a wedding dress that you will love. Seven weeks away! Wow! I hope you are having fun celebrating with all of the before wedding events :O)

I love this little waistcoat. The puffed sleeves and buttons are the cutest!

Here's to hoping, again!


I am so thankful for the Belle and Boo dress win! THANK YOU!!!! Hope you find the PERFECT wedding dress! Congratulations!

I just did a giveaway tweet... http://twitter.com/littledivacraft

My friend had this gorgeous waistcoat on her daughter just the other day!

Christine xo

The waist coat is gorgeous and good luck for the wedding dress shopping! :-))

Congrats to Jen on winning :-)

The waist coat is supercalafragelisticexpaladotious (did I spell that right?!?) hahaha
would look super cute on my Iris

am putting up a link on my blog as I type ;-)

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding but can I just say YOU ARE CRAZY!!!! 7 weeks and no dress yet??? woman get shopping! hahaa

that dress is truly devine love the "poured milk" look its stunning!


ps im doing a giveaway on my blog also please be sure to check it out ciao

Congrats Jenn, you are VERY lucky!! Super stocked you are doing another giveaway!! I JUST found out that I am pregnant again *insert VERY happy dance here!!* and if this little bundle is a girl, she will be dressed head to toe in tea pony- i love love love your designs :)

thanks for such a generous giveaway..

PS that wedding dress is divine : )

OOH that Wedding dress is STUNNING!

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